Tereska Karran BA, PGCE, MA, PGDip, MSc, PhD

Contemporary Artistic Influences

My art is a reaction to

Each piece develops from a seed idea without a precise plan. I mix painting media as the painting takes on its own narrative adding things from places I have has been, stories, galleries museums, theatre, opinions etc..


I incorporate painting styles from multiple traditions, providing they suit the mood of the work. Paintings incorporate myths and stories from all over the world, preferably those with powerful cultural associations.

My origins are Eastern European. So a lot of my work accesses ideas from Eastern Europe, and being in an alien world.

The paintings can be associated with poems. The work is based on personal experiences, memories and stories, so it often reflects on  women’s experiences in the 21st century.

Compositions usually draw on computer games, social media, movies, illustrations or photographs and stories.

Contemporary art and Ideas

I think that the artist has a duty to interpret the contemporary world.  This means I draw heavily on my experience in artificial intelligence, social media and games design. Each painting is a flattened 2D visual representation of thoughts, and a snapshot of things remembered.  It is an expression of personal history threaded through past and present. It duplicates the idea of a screen. It’s not real, it’s realer than real.


Each painting is quite deliberately analogue. This is because I know that an intelligent computer system can produce effective abstract paintings autonomously.  That’s not all, Photoshop and Illustrator can also reproduce almost any style of painting from photographs, as can a good smartphone.

That’s why my fine art looks looks analogue. I don’t use media to copy work although I am inspired by photos and computer games animation, the paintings are entirely done by hand. It’s also why I use a primitive style and do not aim to produce perfect perspective or anatomical accuracy.

The style is a mixture of medieval and naive. This is because I think that computer generated art belongs to a different paradigm to fine art (although it is still art).

Paintings tend to be in a hand-drawn comic book style, which is hard for a computer or artificial intelligence to reproduce. Where possible, this is combined  with classical painting techniques and styles.

Paint Media

Each work uses modern paints and media in relatively traditional ways. Bright colours iridescent surfaces make each piece intricate and detailed.


I am interested in computer illustration, games design, comic book art and anime.

I also write books and own a small indie publishing company. Here is a list of my publications

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