The Book of Hours

The Book of Hours

The Modern Book of Hours is inspired by the books made up for women in the Middle Ages.  These books, called Book of Hours, contained aspirational moral tales, poems and short stories based on the ours of the day and the seasons of the year. They were lavishly illustrated with a lot of detail using the brightest colours and paints available at the time. Most of them have been lost. They were torn apart and the images were used as illustrations or folded into other books. Only a few remain

The modern book of hours is also for anyone of feminine persuasion. It contains 24 illustrations of my work accompanied by my poems. Each page has additional hand illustration in the margins and is the prints of the paintings are also hand finished.

Most of the pages have seasonal references and are removable.

Each page is designed to be used as part of a Tokonoma corner. Pages can be removed and hung in a part of the room according to season and mood.  The accompanying poem can be hung in a scroll or a simple frame with a stone or flowers in a temporary display.

Pages are available for sale individually through Etsy.

The Book of Hours and Tokonama

The pages in the book of hours are designed to be hung in an artistic display space according to time mood and season together with its associated poem which is on an accompanying page.

In accordance with tokonoma space it can be placed in a recess together with any items related to the mood or season.

The pages of the book of hours are handmade and prints are coloured in by hand. The poems are hand illustrated, hand coloured and signed by the artist.

Prices per page from £55 through Redbubble (includes illustrate poem)