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Colonisation of the Virtual

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Colonisation of the Virtual

We have moved into the Digital Age. This is a new age of exploration and colonisation of the virtual.

Fine art is being dragged “kicking and screaming out of the century of the Fruitbat” (by Terry Pratchett [whenever]). The virtual is out there. it’s almost empty in our corner of the universe, which means that we have not met any of the virtual inhabitants – yet.

We think that we know everything. After all, we can describe things using two dimensional models, we can analyse them using scientific methods. Science is leading the way. This makes a lot of people think that the world is knowable and will give up all of its secrets.

Will it?

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Art and Digital Technology

Art and Digital Technology

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Art And Digital Technology

The artist reacts to the world around them, particularly its technology. We are in the process of a technological and digital revolution.

The artist reflects on and contribute a visual response to the changes around them and this includes digital technology.

As a university lecturer, I contributed to the design of autonomous reconfiguration systems and computer games theory. My art work is a reaction to that work. It examines how the individual feels about digital technology.

Our exploration of virtual worlds has modified every aspect of life, in particular gender stereotypes and female roles
I like to put the alienation and cultural fragmentation into historical contexts.

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