Art and Virtual Worlds

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Art and Virtual Worlds.

It is time to consider how art and virtual worlds co-exist.

The digital process has had a huge impact on art.  There was controversy about the idea of photography and art in the late nineteenth century.

Artists were considered to be different from photographers and are needed to differentiate itself from the photographic process.

So how has art been affected by the existence of virtual worlds?

And how has it been affected by artificial intelligence?

What is a Virtual World?

A virtual world has several key features.

  • It has more than one dimension.
  • It exists in  digital space
  • It is view-able by an observer in the real.

We presuppose that

It has a creator, although this is not necessarily the case.

  • That there is a method for traversing the universe
  • That the real exists in tandem with the virtual (i.e. that we are not virtual beings)

The Observer

If we assume that there is a possibility of observing in both the real and the virtual we must also assume that the possibility of being or becoming an observer exists.

Does this therefore also assume that the observer is alive?

If so then we must also assume that there is life in the virtual.

Art in the Real

There is art in the real. The observer is capable of defining what they regard as art and artistic process.

Therefore we have to assume that there is art in the virtual, where similar observation, judgement and artistic process occurs.



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