Fine Art in a Digital World

Fine art in a digital world.

My work explores the connection between fine art and digital media. I respond to digital media using painting techniques from different cultural art traditions. I have several publications on autonomous reconfiguration. I also have my own publishing company.

The Artist

Tereska Karran BA Hons, PCGE, MA, Pg Dip, MSc, PhD.

I sell limited edition prints which are printed on canvas, hand finished an mounted. These are hand finished, numbered and signed. My work is also available on Deviant Art and Redbubble under Art by Tereska Karran. Some originals are for sale.

Art and Digital Media

I use traditional painting techniques from various painting traditions and work without the assistance of digital technology when painting fine art pieces. I work with modern colours and paints and choose bright colours and inks. My work is influenced by computer games and social media.

Traditional influences

I have produced a book of art and poetry (the Book of Hours) which will be in print shortly.